Dos And Donts Of Doing Business In Arab World

When setting up a new business in the Arab world, it is best to know about the dos and donts in order to ensure that you do not fall into any kind of trouble at the time of kick-starting your commercial project in any of the Arabian countries. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by learning some of the crucial things that you need to do and also things that you need to avoid when expanding your commercial operations or starting a new business in Arabian countries. For residents of other nationalities, doing business in the Arabian economy is fraught with social, economic and cultural risks. Knowing of the risk elements will also help foreign investors to find a way out to deal with the hazards involved in doing business in the Arab world.

Social and cultural norms of the Arab world are the first things that commercial organizations doing business in the Arab world should know when they decide to expand their business activities in Arabian countries. The strong Islamic connection makes Arabian countries highly conservative. Therefore, it is best to behave humbly and in a conservative manner when in Arab for doing business. Being aware of the social mannerisms will help you strengthen business ties with Arab partner agencies and win the trust of your Arabian clients. Pay proper attention to the clothes you wear when going on a business trip to Arab as being a predominantly Muslim conservative society, inappropriate attire can cause public embarrassment.

Arabian countries are rich in social customs as well as etiquettes. When meeting with Arabian business clients show them respect and do not do something that will cause harm to their dignity. In order to establish strong business connections with your Arab partner agencies, make efforts to build good personal rapport to win the trust and loyalty of your Arabian business partners. Do not forget to take a suitable gift if you are invited to a business party or to the home of your Arabian business partner.

Do not plan a business trip in any of the Arabian country during the month of Ramadan as business hours are severely limited at this time of the year. Therefore, you can save a good deal of your time and money by deferring your business trip during Ramadan. Corporate and government agencies also slow down their business activities during this annual monthly fast season in Arabian countries. When on a business trip in the Arab countries, make sure that you do not hold a passport containing Israeli visa unless you are visiting Jordan or Egypt since passport holders possessing Israeli visas are prohibited from entering Arab countries.

When doing business in any of the Arabian countries, be prepared to haggle with your Arabian business clients. Most Arabian business organizations would negotiate till they get the best deal. When preparing business documents, get it reviewed from a lawyer or a professional who is aware of the laws of the Arab world to ensure that you do not run into any kind of legal trouble.